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Michael Yardney
Michael Yardney is a director of Metropole Property Strategists creating wealth through property for their clients through independent, unbiased property advice and advocacy.

Michael has often been called Australia's leading expert in wealth creation through property and his opinions as a property commentator have been featured in major newspapers and magazines throughout Australia and on his regular radio segments.

He has authored five books, including the best sellers, How to Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Property Portfolio – in your spare time and What Every Property Investor needs to know about Finance, Tax and the Law, Rules of Property and his latest book Michael Yardney's Guide to Getting Rich. But he's not a theorist; he is an active property investor and developer.

If you are interested in real estate and want to keep up to date subscribe to Michael's Property Investment Update blog today and receive free video training - The Golden Rules of Property Investment.

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