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  • Why half of all investors sell up in under 5 years + Abolish stamp duty

      Fifty percent of those who buy an investment property sell up in the first 5 years. Put another way – most Australians who get into property investment never achieve the financial freedom they aspire to, and worse still many property investors lose a heap of money and lost opportunities along the way. Michael Yardney shares some thoughts on how not to fall into that category. Nhan Nguyen has some advice for those wanting to get into small developments. How to find the sites and carry out the feasibility and more importantly, how to minimise your risk. Design guru and...

  • Negative Gearing fact and fiction + Affordability vs serviceability

    Because of the Negative Gearing myths most of us are hearing, we set about sorting the fact from the fiction with the help of Jamie Alcock, Associate Professor of Finance at the university of Sydney. Michael Yardney tells us about a little known fact that will deal another shock for Australian property markets. Andrew Mirams answers a question from Jie about affordability and serviceability and the gap that is emerging. Forget the hot spots.  Today we tell you about Australia’s favourite suburbs, the areas people are flocking to to find a place to live. Are one of the people...

  • Serviceability vs affordability + Should you hold off until after the election?

    John Symond from Aussie Home Loans takes a big stick to all politicians over the debate on negative gearing. Lots of questions coming in about what the banks are doing, where rates are headed and how much I can borrow.  Andrew Mirams from Intuitive Finance looks at the difference between serviceability and affordability There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding our property markets at present, much of it related to the intense debate between the government and opposition about housing tax policy including treatment of Capital Gains tax and negative gearing and whether these would be good for property or...

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