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  • Is Melbourne the top Aussie market? + Lessons from WA + Qld results are overshadowed

      As you will hear today, there is no one property market in Australia and that is being highlighted as we continue to look at the various markets that make up the country.  That in fact is the first point Michael Yardney makes when we ask him about Victoria.  Interesting to note that while we all talk about the big gains out of Sydney, you might be surprised to hear what Michael says about the performance of the Melbourne market. Next we go to Western Australia where Damien Collins says the market there continues to suffer from the downturn...

  • Don’t discount SA + Sydney takes a breather + Face the new property market ‘reality’

    George Raptis tells us that while Sydney is taking a breather, it is still performing well.  Good properties are short and demand is strong.  He says developers are going crazy. Korgen Hucent gives us a sobering report on the Northern Territory and that the oversupply is bringing a whole different type of investor into that market.   He tells us about the new challenge property owners are facing. For the first time in this whip around the country, we acknowledge the importance of the North Queensland property market and Chris Gay from Cairns gives us his view on why investors...

  • Crazy rules make Andrew Winter wild + 2 unusual markets tipped to be big improvers

      Amy Mylius from Cate Bakos Buyers Advocates, takes us through some areas she sees buyers falter in their due diligence. Star of Selling Houses Australia, Andrew Winter, is frustrated about the many and varied rules that are applied to buying and selling real estate in Australia and he says they are treating you and I like idiots. With low interest rates and burgeoning property prices, the result has been that we are borrowing more.  Bessie Hassan sees this as a big problem. We share a fabulous and inspirational story about a 30 something young person who has come...

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