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  • BIG investment winners and losers + BRISBANE suburb set for a big boost

      CoreLogic has released its latest Pain and Gain Property Report which measures the profits and losses of property sellers and while some have made losses, there have been some spectacular gains and Tim Lawless tells us where that has happened. Some win, some lose in Australia’s big apartment crunch and we identify a big winner as being Wooloongabba. We catch up with one of Australasia’s most successful property developers to find out why he is so impressed with this Brisbane suburb. Investors and foreign buyers of Australian residential property are being hit hard by two forces, with the...

  • Little known co-ownership benefit + How to detect a spruiker

    Housing is the single biggest asset class in Australia, worth an estimated $6.5 trillion across 9.6 million dwellings.  CoreLogic RP Data released its national Profile of the Australian Residential Property Investor and we catch up with Cameron Kusher as he picks out the highlights. There are six key questions you can ask to help you identify a modern day Spruiker. Hear about all 6 questions that are detailed in Anna Porters book “Whistle Blower” and also how you can get a copy of the book. Real estate investing used to be a rather niche industry, confined to the few...

  • The ‘halo effect’ and its possible impact + A new investor tool

      If you have a background in marketing or if you have just started to dig around in the world of property investment, you may have stumbled across the term ‘halo effect’.  This halo effect can be a trap for investors because rather than choosing an investment opportunity based on research and objectivity, people can often make decisions based on bias or familiarity. Peter Gionoli from Investor Assist explains the financial implications of the wrong halo effect. We talk to one of the authors of a new research model built to increase the accuracy of rental yield predictions. Dr Andy Krause explains...

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