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  • How to attract Chinese buyers – Barry Li

    When it comes to foreign buyers, in the last 30 years, China has transformed itself into one of the world’s leaders in political, economic and social relations. With Australia a hotspot for Chinese immi­grants, understanding the cultural nuances, both from an Australian and Chinese perspective, is more important than ever.  In his book, The New Chinese, author Barry Li (pronounced Lee) gives us an insight into how Chinese buyers think, what is important to them and how they are reacting to the discussions we are having about their influence on the Aussie market.  We talk to Barry about his findings. Transcript:...

  • The power of two – Sana and Mona Ali

    Property Twins Sana and Mona Ali have built a $5 million property portfolio before the age of 30 and also have their own mortgage broking business.  In Kevin’s chat with the twins, he gets them to draw on their financial acumen and investment success to speak about how to start your property investment journey, advice for investing interstate, the key to developing a profitable strategy, how to bounce back from a bad investment and the questions to ask agents when purchasing a property. Transcript :  Kevin:  My next guest – who we’ve spoken to in the show in the...

  • Duplex development tips – Brook Drake

    Some property investors are making up to $100K profit by developing duplex properties but it does not work in all markets.  Brook Drake has a business that helps investors identify the correct markets and the properties that will return well. Transcript :  Kevin:  One thing I do know is that any smart investor is always looking for the highest possible return they can get on their investment property. Have you ever thought of duplexes? Well, duplex development is something that requires a lot of skill, a lot of knowledge about where you can do it and how you do...

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