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  • A walk down the property memory lane + We sort the App wheat from the App charf

      This week a timely warning from Anna Porter at to be very cautious of filling your portfolio with regional properties, or buying in tourism hubs if you are looking to buy a growth property. These markets are volatile she says. This is week 2 of the 30 day flipping exercise with Nhan Nguyen. He is attempting to buy and sell a property in 30 days and make a big profit along the way.  We will continue to follow his journey to see what we can learn.  He gets some good news today. A lot can happen in...

  • Buy and sell in 30 days and make a massive profit + Homeownership is falling

      The HILDA Survey is a nationally representative study of Australian households.  For the study, the authors have been interviewing the same 17,000 people every year since 2001, so as to up a picture of how people’s lives change over time.  The latest report says that fewer than half of all Australian adults are going to own a home by next year. We catch up with the author, Professor Roger Wilkins to get a good insight into its findings. The master of questions – Ken Raiss from Chan & Naylor answers a two part question from Daryl about vacant...

  • Is Negative Gearing safe now? + 40 regional locations set to boom

      In our personality profile this week we get up close and personal with Pete Wargent. Pete reveals some of the great lessons he has learnt along the way. Millions of baby boomers will be a driving force of Australia’s property market over the next 20 years and many will head to the affordability of regional Australia. Today we identify 40 regional locations likely to be targeted by baby boomers and these are areas every investor should want to know about. MFAA Director Melissa Gielnik tells us about a spike in parental guarantee loans. What are they you might...

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