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  • Auctions can be fun + How and when to structure your team + It is not too late to claim depreciation

    Highlights from this week: We catch up with 2 young skilled property experts who happen to be brothers How to build your team A great tip about how to keep your property tenanted How auctions have changed and why it is a great opportunity for buyers A commonly missed opportunity for investors What strategy is right for you The questions you should ask yourself before investing Transcripts: Make bidding at auction fun – Haesley Cush Kevin:  Haesley Cush is a second-generation real estate agent, having worked in the industry with his family for many years and now owns and operates his...

  • There is no affordability crisis in Australia + Take the media with a grain of salt + Chinese investment expected to fall

    Highlights from this week: The facts about housing affordability in Australia Where the bargains are for under $400,000 Why the market is set to continue to rise The correct level of gearing Changes to legislation that will impact vast numbers of buyers and sellers Getting your gearing right Transcripts: Take what the media says with a grain of salt – Chris Gray Kevin:  Joining me in the show now, Chris Gray from Your Empire buyer’s agents. Chris, you’ve just returned from an overseas trip. It doesn’t hurt to leave the country occasionally to get a bit of a perspective about...

  • Where not to buy in the USA + Be ‘kind’ to valuers + The ‘funny’ things we are told about money

    Highlights from this week: How a transport construction project in WA will impact the market there. How much can you manipulate or influence a bank valuation. Everything you need to know about renovation How money CAN make you happy Where to buy in the USA to get great returns Transcripts: Getting the best bank valuation – Andrew Mirams Kevin:  Just how much can you manipulate or influence a bank valuation? My thinking was always very little, but maybe not. How can you actually get the best bank valuation? Andrew Mirams, I want to ask you that question. Andrew is of course...

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