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  • Agents and sellers change how they ‘act’ + The do’s and dont’s of property in SMSF + First look at what’s ahead for 2018

    Podcast: DownloadHighlights from this week: What to do before you bid at an auction. How buyers, sellers and agents act differently at this time of year. How and when to put property in a SMSF. The places no one wants to leave and why. What are the lessons from 2017 and what’s ahead for 2018. Transcript: What to do before you bid at an auction – Bryce Holdaway Kevin:  Auctions are growing in popularity all the time. You need to have a strategy. It’s very easy to get it wrong when you go to auction for the first time, both...

  • The great Aussie dream is fading + Identifying an easement + The 2 metrics to measure value

    Podcast: DownloadHighlights from this week: Median Price and Median Value – what’s the difference? The shift from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market – how to tell. What is an easement? Can it impact price? Swapping security for lifestyle John McGrath’s property tips Transcripts: Beware ‘easements’ ahead – Andrew Mirams Kevin:  You might come across this when you’re buying a property, and you might not even be aware that it is happening, but what’s an easement, an easement over a property, and how does it impact the purchase price or how does it impact the purchase? Andrew Mirams from...

  • Use your mouse to find a house + Women better at property than men + Preventing property identity fraud

    Podcast: DownloadHighlights from this week: 5 reasons why women are better at property investment than men A website that values property Property ID fraud is on the rise – how to protect your property The impact a ‘strategist can have on your portfolio growth Developments that are impacting the Brisbane market and why Transcripts: The property insights site – Enzo Raimondo Kevin:  You cannot beat getting out and pounding the pavements, as they say, when it comes to getting to know a neighborhood before you invest your hard-earned cash in a property. Each area, of course, is totally different, looks...

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