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  • Finding real estate GOLD + NT real estate takes a nose dive

    So, you’ve found what appears to be the perfect “splitter block” for your first potential property project. To help with the due diligence, Nhan Nguyen, from Advanced Property Strategies, runs through his checklist of items to ensure the project is viable. In recent times Northern Territory home sales take a huge hit. Quentin Kilian, CEO of the Territory Real Estate Institute says it is the lowest quarterly levels on record and he explains why. Andrew Mirams from Intuitive Finance answers the often asked question – to lock in or not? Michael Yardney answers Adam’s question about looking for a...

  • Why investing in property doesn’t make sense + Agent to the stars tells all + How to check a sellers motivation

    Michael Pascoe, finance and economics commentator tells us why, in his opinion, investing in property doesn’t add up.   He doesn’t say don’t do it but he points out why many investors go wrong.   We wanted to get a balance to what Michael Pascoe said so we asked Michael Yardney from Metropole Property Strategists, for his opinion and you might be a bit surprised to hear his view. A person’s motivation to sell is rarely just about financial reasons according to buyers agent Patrick Bright.  He joins us to explain how you can spot a sellers motivation and why its important. We...

  • Is this buyer brave or crazy? + What happened to the predicted ‘price crash’?

    Property investors are often unaware that there are two different methods available to calculate the depreciation deductions for the plant and equipment items contained within their investment properties. Brad Beer tells us what they are. Margaret Lomas says that a man who some are saying is crazy because he bought a home for he and his fiancé without her having seen it may not be mad after all provided he exercised some caution.  Margaret explains. Michael Yardney shares the 11 things successful property investors don’t do and Dr Dallas Rogers from the University of Western Sydney explains why he is...

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