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  • “No sign of a crash” – Dr Shane Oliver + Purple Bricks turns the industry red with rage

      We’ve heard the dire warnings of a property market crash from the doomsayers, we’ve heard that the Australian economy will take a big hit because of the downturn in mining and the effects of Brexit and financial crisis in Greece… but where do we actually stand? How is the Australian economy actually tracking? Dr Shane Oliver, Head of Investment Strategy and Economics, and Chief Economist at AMP Capital joins us to answer those questions. While many Australians will sit on the sidelines waiting for someone to ring the bell heralding the property market has bottomed, savvy investors will...

  • Get used to being outside your comfort zone + How agents use data about you

      Jacinta from Western Australia is troubled about property investing because, while she is keen, she is having trouble convincing her partner that it is the right thing to do. She asks ‘what can I do to convince my partner?’. Hear Nhan Nguyen’s advice. We feature a chat with Jo Chivers from Property Bloom about how she has developed her own portfolio and imparts that knowledge to her clients. Like all successful people, Jo freely shares her experiences with us. Every real estate agent has data – from customer relationship management systems, to knowledge of the local market, email...

  • Why 70’s units rock + It’s not smooth sailing for a flipping expert

      We continue to follow the journey that Nhan Nguyen started 4 weeks ago where he is attempting to flip a property in 30 days and turn over a tidy profit. It has not been smooth sailing but boy, are we learning some lessons from his experience. Hear what progress has been made in the last week. Our feature chat this week is with Brad Beer from BMT Tax Depreciation. We find out what he looks for in an investment property, what and who moulded his property thinking, his first property and he gives us some finance tips. We...

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